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Use this form to order NameMe® Wedding Announcements
Billing Address and Payment Information
Blanks with * are required and must be filled in for the order to go through.
Be sure not to push your Enter button while filling out this form. Use Tab to navigate through the blanks.
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Tree Design Details
Be sure to look at these options before continuing with your order!

See Tree Style Options      See Opening Style Options
Type of product:
* Tree Type: Example: M3B   See Tree Types
* Mat color 1: See Mat Color Swatches  Must have Top Mat
Mat color 2 (optional): Double matting examples
Frame type: See Frame Samples
Name Details
List names in the order you want them to appear on the tree.

See examples of placement of last name and date on the Tree Diagram page.
Select female, male
First Name
IMPORTANT: See examples
Middle Name optional
Add $4 per middle name
Person 1

Person 2
Last Name
Wedding Date
Order Pricing Details
Enter only numbers and decimal points in these blanks!
Do not leave any of these spaces blank.
If not needed, use 0 in the blank.
* Item Price: $ Click here for item pricing list
* Additional mat color: $ Add $3 per opening (Ex. M3B = 3 openings x $3 = $9)
* Middle names: $ Add $4 per middle name listed above
* Order Subtotal: $ Total of the 3 boxes listed directly above
* Tax: $ PA residents add 6% Sales Tax (subtotal X .06 = tax)
* Shipping / Handling: $ Click here for item shipping and handling list
* ASAP shipping:
* ASAP shipping fee: $ Add $8 here for ASAP shipping
* Order Total: $ Enter total of tax, shipping fees and subtotal boxes
                     This total will be charged to your credit card right away
or additional

Important Information About Your Order!
At this time of the year, it becomes necessary for us to let you know that it takes us
a little longer than our normal 6 week shipping cycle to ship your order to you.
Because of this you should plan accordingly.

Your order(s) are 100% guaranteed by Christmas
and will be shipped around Dec. 18th.

If you need it sooner, will be shipping it on to someone else,
or have a problem, let us know immediately.

Orders until December 3rd will NOT have to pay any ASAP charges
or any additional shipping to still be guaranteed by Christmas.

Orders from December 3rd - 18th will only have to pay the standard $8 ASAP charge for trees and $5 ASAP charges for singles to still be guaranteed by Christmas.

Orders after the 18th will have to pay the standard $8 ASAP charge for trees
and $5 ASAP charges for singles plus additional shipping may be needed
to be guaranteed by Christmas.

Please call us and we will try to accommodate you.

Call to see if we can accommodate any orders after Dec. 20.

We bill your credit card right away and you will see this on your bill before you receive
your order and it will say "NameMe Company, Latrobe, PA".

* Please be sure none of the order pricing blanks are empty or your order may be delayed!

For help with this form, or to order by phone, call 724-537-7303
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